the new way for energy integration


If you operate in the energy market, you need solutions that are in step with the times and capable to make your job easier. 

You need to be able to rely on someone who genuinely understands your needs, provides clear answers to your questions and able to solve your problems in no time at all.

What’s better than an innovative company?

Simple, two innovative companies joining forces.

MTWay is the result of the coming together of two leading businesses involved in the international energy market, CELME and CEP, from a common ambition: to offer customised integrated solutions for energy production and distribution systems.

The simplest, most efficient, most sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

MTWay conceives, builds and integrates everything it sells. And the result? One partner from design to installation, short times and qualified support for a truly comprehensive service.

worldwide experience

MTWay is a new business entity that carries with it a precious experience coming from the knowledge, awareness and strenght of two leading companies, CELME and CEP, having a wide range of relationships, partnerships and product installations over the entire world.